FS32 National conference 1. - 2. april, 2019 (Nurses who works with development and research)

On behalf of the fs32, we now offer the opportunity to exhibit at the national spring congress. Exhibition will be 2 days.

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Program is under way

We expect approx. 100 participants from all of Denmark to join this exciting and instructive event.

Exhibition area
The exhibition will be organized separate from the professional program. Held in a partly public room.

Helnan Marselis Hotel,

Strandvejen 25,

8000 Aarhus

Please contact Jan Nordkvist via jnt@conex.dk, if you wish to participate with an exhibition stand.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!



The price for participating with an exhibition stand is as follows:

Exhibition fee per m2: DKK 1,500
Administration fee: DKK 500

Minimum stand size: 1.5 x 1.5 = 2.25 m2

Price example:
2.25 m2 x 1,500 = 3,375+ 500 = DKK 3,875 for the smallest stand size.

The price includes exhibition in the coffee break area, chair and table at the exhibition stand, and access to the congress for two representatives per stand. Participation in the congress dinner is not included. All staff must pay separately for meals and refreshments.

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