Lederforeningen i Dansk Sygeplejeråd (DSR) Lederkonference 16. marts 2021 

On Behalf of The Danish Nurses Leader Forum we now offer the opportunity to participate as an exhibitor at the congress. It is 1 day.

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Program and information


Årets store ledertræf indenfor sundhedsområdet får nyt navn. Når flere hundrede ledere indenfor sundhedsområdet samles til en inspirerende netværksdag med fokus på ledelse, foregår det under titlen ”INSPIRATOR 2021”.

- We have always planned this event on the basis that it should just give a personal push and inspire the leader. Over the years, for many, it has become the absolute biggest event of the year, where leaders meet for joint workshops, networks and management debates. So now we take the consequence with a new name for the event. In the past, we called it the Leaders Association's "trade union congress". But the new name is far better because it signals the content of the day much better, says Heike Penzien, who is currently preparing for the upcoming leadership meeting.


Bliv en del af forårets store ledertræf indenfor sundhedsområdet, foråret 2021.
Sundheds Ledertræf 2021 foregår den 16. marts på Comwell Kolding.

The Nurses Leaders Association is now inviting state holders to book a seat at this spring's leadership meeting, where leading nurses from across the health care area will meet for inspirational leadership day with new management knowledge.

As a participant, you will have the opportunity to have unique contact with the entire health area. This is the eighth time that the Leaders' Association is in this way gathering leaders for inspirational leadership and networking day. Among other things, the day offers about a dozen exciting presentations and workshops with the most current lecturers of the time.

There will be representatives from both the municipal health service, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. The event brings together more than 400 leaders from across the country and from all parts of the health care system.

Innovation: Leader lounge with stands!

As a special innovation, this year's leadership meeting will build a special "management lounge", which includes the opportunity to have a stand addressed to the participants.

The management lounge becomes the central meeting place where participants gather between presentations, eat lunch and have a special “inspiration time” with the opportunity to visit the many stands.

The event takes place from 9am - 5:30 pm. There is a special lounge time for a total of six times with the opportunity to visit the stands. Including a long lunch-lounge of 75 min.

As an exhibitor you have the opportunity to showcase, so that you can present yourself already from the morning at. 9am (can be set up the day before or early in the morning). There is also the possibility of accommodation at special prices. You can pack your stand together from 6 p.m. 16.20.

It is expected that approx. 300-400 participants from all over Denmark for an educational day at this trade congress. The participants are all nurses in senior management positions. Both in the private and in the public sector.


Program Inspirator


Comwell Kolding

Skovbrynet 1, 6000 Kolding


Contact Jan Nordkvist jnt@conex.dk

Vi håber at se jer til Fagkongres den 16. marts 2021!

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Exhibition price and booking

Price for participation

If you have previously participated in the annual union conference of the Leaders Association, you have the opportunity to participate at a special price. In advance, the prices for having a booth are extremely competitive.

Normal Price

Kvadratmeterpris = 1.500 kr. pr. m2 + engangs beløb pr. stand på 900 kr.

Minimum stand package 1: 2.25 sqm. (1.5 meters x 1.5 meters)

(Incl. electricity, table and participation of one exhibitor with access to all presentations and catering)

Total price: 4,275 kr. (ex. VAT).

Normal stand package 2: 4.5 sqm. (1.5 m x 3 m)
(incl. electricity, table and participation of an exhibitor with access to all presentations and catering)

Total price: 7,650 kr. (ex. VAT).

Rabat på Stor standpakke: 8 kvm (2 mtr. x 4 mtr.)

(incl. electricity, table and participation of an exhibitor with access to all presentations and catering)

Total discount price: DKK 9,900 (ex. VAT).

Purchase of extra ticket for exhibitors: DKK 900 per person (excluding VAT).

Stand at a special price

If you participate in the Leadership Association's meeting for the second time, we offer a special price with a discount of over 20% on the following packages and purchases:

Package 1 (minimum): The special price is DKK 3,375 (excl. VAT).
Package 2 (normal): The special price is DKK 6,075 (excl. VAT).

Note that a discount is only obtained at the above condition sizes. If you want other stand sizes the sqm. price is DKK 1,500 and the one time sum is DKK 900.

Purchase of extra ticket for exhibitors: The special price is 700 kr. person (excl. VAT).


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