Danish Ophthalmological Society Annual Meeting (DOS)
28 February – 1 March 2020

On behalf of Dansk Oftalmologisk Selskab (DOS), we now offer the opportunity to exhibit at the Annual Meeting of Danish Ophthalmological Society 2020.

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Programme and information

The event is now Compliant according to Ethical MedTech: https://www.ethicalmedtech.eu/medtech-apps/cvs/view-event/EMT16933 

Exhibition area

Very limited space left!

The exhibition will take place in the foyer area situated near the plenary session room.

Please note that it is difficult to accommodate large stands at this venue.

DOS 2020 AKTUEL v.10


Program for fredag 28 februar 2020

Dos 2020 program

Approx. 200


The organizers kindly ask for sponsorships in order to finance this meeting. Sponsors could finance for example room rental or food & beverage during the scientific program.
Please contact us if you wish to know more about the sponsorship opportunities – jnt@conex.dk

Delivery address
Skovbrynet 1, 6000 Kolding
Att.: DOS / Jan Nordkvist

Please note that you are not allowed to serve or dispense coffee/tea, beer/water/juice or any alcoholic beverages from your exhibition stand.

When shipping from the hotel, please collect all your goods/equipment and contact a hotel employee for further assistance.


Comwell Kolding

Skovbrynet 1, 6000 Kolding


Please contact Jan Nordkvist via jnt@conex.dk, if you wish to participate or need further information.

Deadline for registration is December 31, 2019.

We hope to see you at the DOS meeting 2020.

Exhibitors the previous years

Exhibitors in 2019:

  • Carl Zeiss A/S
  • MMC Optical A/S
  • Novax A/S
  • MikronMed
  • EG A/S
  • Santhera
  • ABIGO Pharma A/S
  • DJ Instrumenter
  • Topcon
  • AMO
  • Alcon
  • KM Optics
  • Glaukos
  • Santen
  • AMWO Farma
  • Alykomedical by PhysIOL
  • Danish Healthcare Design A/S
  • Datagruppen MultiMed A/S
  • EyeOptics ApS
  • Bayer A/S
  • Théa
  • Disophta
  • Instrumentpartner
  • Medilens Nordic
  • Advanz Pharma
  • InnZ Medical 
  • Iridex

Exhibitors in 2018:

  • AbbVie

  • ABIGO Pharma A/S

  • Alcon Nordic

  • Allergan

  • AMO Denmark APS

  • AMWO Farma IVS

  • Bayer A/S

  • Carl Zeiss A/S

  • DataGruppen MultiMED

  • Disophta ApS – Ophtamin

  • DJ Instrumenter

  • EG Heaktgcare

  • EyeOptics ApS


  • KirMed A/S

  • Mikromed AB

  • MMC Optical A/S

  • Novartis


  • Santen Denmark

  • Santhera Ltd.

  • Théa

  • Topcon Danmark

  • Alyko Medical

Exhibition price and Booking

ONLY Boothsizes 1,5×1,5 left.

The fee for participating with an exhibition stand is as follows:

Price per m2: DKK 2,200
Administration fee: DKK 1,600

Minimum stand size: 1.5 x 1.5 = 2.25

Price example:
2.25 m2 x 2,200 = 4,950 + 1,600 = DKK 6,550 for the smallest stand size.

Coffee will be served in the exhibition area.

As agreed with Comwell Kolding, DOS is financially responsible for coffee/tea and lunch for 1 person per stand of 2.25 – 4 m2 per day, 2 persons per stand of 4,5 – 8 m2, 3 persons per stand of 8,5 – 12 m2, 4 persons per stand of 12,5 – 16 m2, 5 persons per stand of 16,5 – 20 m2 and 6 persons per stand if larger than 20,5 m2.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you need further information (e.g. special chair sizes or tables, etc.)

Please write to me if you are interested in hotel rooms, there are a limited number available for exhibitors.


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