British Anaesthetic and Recovery Nurses Association Annual Conference (BARNA) - Friday 19th June 2020

Promoting anaesthetic and recovery nursing.

The 34th annual BARNA conference 2020 is held on Friday 19th June 2020

The Venue: Birmingham & Midland Institute | BMI

The Institute has been at the heart of Birmingham’s cultural life for over 150 years.

Originally founded by Act of Parliament in 1854 for the ‘Diffusion and Advancement of Science, Literature and Art amongst all Classes of Persons resident in Birmingham and Midland Counties’.

The BMI is a membership organisation which has a thriving programme of cultural and educational activities, including a wide spectrum of arts and science lectures, exhibitions and concerts. Both members and the general public are encouraged to participate. The building is also a venue for many externally-organised events and can be booked for conferences and meetings.

Location: Less than 10 mins from Birmingham New Street, Birmingham B2 4QA, Storbritannien

Alternatively metered parking is available around the BMI building on Margaret Street and Cornwall Street. Alternatively, car parks are available at the following locations:

Again, we offer the possibility to book a exhibition booth including access to the skill workshop area.

As last year we have a change to the usual setup of two rooms with speakers in both, we plan to keep it to one stream of high quality popular speakers in one room, and the other room will be a ‘Skills Workshop’.

We envisage the second Workshop Room to be a space where delegates can play around and learn some hands-on skills, such as fibre-optic and/or Airtraq intubations, Ultra sound nerve blocks, and an assortment of various devices and equipment, and learn via this method as well.

These can be longer sessions, and structured more formally, instead of the quick one-on-one demonstrations that happens currently at the exhibitors stands.

Please contact Jan at

Birmingham & Midland Institute

9 Margaret St,

Birmingham B3 3BS,

United Kingdom

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3m2 Exhibition Stand Price at £650

£217 per extra square metre.

Eg. 5 sqm. £650 + 2 x £217 = £1,084

Write your preferred booth size.


If you are interested in a sponsorship or need other information, please contact Jan Nordkvist at

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